I have been lucky enough to share some delicious encounters with the most incredible beings. Some were so satisfied they allowed me share their thrill with you, to ensure you truly know what you're missing...

I've created this page to give some insight from dates, where the clients I met felt compelled to share their joy with me after our time together.


There are many variables with an encounter and - just as with any first date - you may simply find you have unmatched chemistry and don't want to see that person again. We're all human, and have different tastes and different emotions to work through in life. The experience will help you figure out what you do want so you can fine tune your search for next time.


If you would like so share some feedback about your time with me, I am happy to receive e-mailed reviews that are respectful and constructive, which may be shared here. I understand that making an initial booking can feel nerve-wracking and you want to feel secure that you're dealing with someone genuine, so I decided to provide a testimonials pages. Take a look at what some of my favourite gents have had to say about our bookings below:

Hi Chelsea,

Now I have regained the power of coherent thought (I always thought Stendhal syndrome was a bit of a myth until I found myself in your presence) I just wanted say a few words. 

Moments of bliss are rare, but an entire date of such profound joy is exceptional, from your welcoming smile to the kiss goodbye, your magical talents tantalised my senses and the warmth of your personality enriched my soul.  Your beauty was literally breath-taking and left me momentarily speechless. I don’t know whether I was more captivated by your sensuous lips or the radiance of your eyes but I was definitely captivated. If it wasn’t for your skilled reassurance and effortless charm I would have been rooted to the spot. You have a sense of humour and playfulness that had me laughing until I ached and smiling at the memory for long afterwards. That’s without mentioning your exquisite figure which was a joy to behold, whether in a summer dress or not.


Words could never do justice to the richness of your many qualities. You possess something that is beyond mere words and have an impact on the senses that could never be summed up by simply describing the extent of your beauty and the depth of your personality, it is something that can only fully be appreciated through experience and, boy, what an experience it was. Thank you.


Good evening Chelsea - 


Whilst it's been a few days since our date, I just wanted to let you know that I've not yet managed to get rid of this grin that you've left me wearing...


Meeting in the theatre lobby was an interesting start to the date - with each single woman entering up the stairs starting the "is that her..." thought process in my mind. Soon enough, you were there, standing in front of me, even more beautiful than I could have imagined , even more than reflected in your pictures. Can this really be happening to me? Of course, during the show, I missed more than a few scenes, as I couldn't resist watching you from the corner of my eye...


The rest of the evening was magical - and for a few hours I felt like the luckiest man on the planet... Well, that's not completely true, because I still feel like the luckiest man on the planet... and maybe, just a bit the fool... for not getting around to booking with you sooner. If I could go back in time, even for the few months, it would be to tell myself to just set a date with you as soon as possible. 


I can't begin to thank you enough for the date - wonderful company, great conversation, and an amazing connection... I find myself already eagerly anticipating our next date, assuming you're happy to see me again... 


Well what can I say? Stunningly beautiful, articulate, elegant and very sexy, Chelsea made me feel comfortable and special from the start. The encounter was all the better for the intelligent and stimulating conversation. Since our first meet I have also had the pleasure of dinner and an overnight experience.  I cannot recommend her highly enough; she is an absolute gem!



After yesterday I am under your spell.

I cannot tell you how wonderful yesterday was for me, maybe it is not the same for you, however I so hope you at the very least felt I treated you with the utmost respect.

You are beautiful of course, but even more so on the inside. Thank you again.


Thank you for today...

Where do I start... You made me feel like a king the moment I laid eyes on you again. You are so beautiful, charming and I feel so at ease with you and our cuddles meant the world to me.

You are attentive, empathetic and truly stunning and I feel honoured to be able to see you.

I just want to reaffirm you mean a lot to me and I am here if I can be of assistance.


Hello Chelsea

I'm still heady from our meet on Tuesday, it was such good fun and I get excited just thinking about it


You're so great to be with and I can’t wait to see you again

MR. B (duo booking)

Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience. You are both gorgeous, beautiful and fantastic company.

MR. L (duo booking)

I think she is a classic beauty. Her proportions are just right and her curves made my hands (and....) move. I feel she is the real thing, nothing fake, so hot and eager to kiss.

On the whole it was a very arousing experience and I certainly will get back to her.

You wouldn't want to miss her! 


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