If you want to learn more about what a GFE with me entails, keep reading

My most popular service is the high class GFE - short for the 'girlfriend experience'. But there are various connotations and each provider will offer something unique to them.

For me, this is about fulfilling a need for connection and intimacy. Maybe you are too busy for a committed relationship but need that human touch. Maybe you're missing that spark and variety and want to embrace everything that's available to you in this life.


I offer an elite, sensual experience, where for however long we're together, we can be engrossed in one another. It's the little things - hugs, getting lost in kisses, sharing jokes, sharing pains - that make this different to a detached quickie (as much as I believe there is certainly thrill to be had from a rushed, erotically charged encounter).

This can look like many things. It can entail a quick one hour introduction/reunion where we explore each others bodies, with some light conversation before carrying on with our day.

It could be three hours just talking over lunch or walking through the park, venting, dreaming, laughing, whatever it is you need in that moment.

It can be spending the evening together, sharing a delicious meal then sharing a bed, where we have the time for twice as much fun under the sheets, or on any other surface for that matter.

The most exclusive girlfriend experience is having you fly me to you or inviting me to be a travel companion on an international trip, where we enjoy endless dates, seeking out tasty food, museums, culture and nature while whispering sweet nothings in each others ears, eagerly anticipating the moment we get to undress each other again and again.

All of my clients crave something different, and i'm always open to hearing about how you would like the experience to go, or any suggestions you might have.


If all of the above sounds like something you'd like to experience, but you also have some kinks you would like to introduce to our meeting, my dedicated kink page will tell you all that you need to know.