Where can I find a list services that you offer?

We are human beings and I thrive on chemistry. Every encounter is different, and providing a 'menu' doesn't sit well with me. I offer companionship and the 'girlfriend experience' - meaning talking, laughing, cuddling, kissing, and the usual intimacy you would expect during that exciting, intoxicating honeymoon period of a relationship.

I am open to fetishes and kinks, and would love to explore this area more, however I do have some hard limits which you can find here. If you wish for a specific service, please do communicate this in your e-mail so that I can be sure to notify you if I will or won't be able to give you the best kind of experience. There are many beautiful providers out there who can accommodate you should I not be the right fit.

It should be mentioned that I value the health and safety of both myself and my clients - please don't try to pressure me to compromise this boundary.

What will you wear? Do you take outfit requests?

This does depend on what the occasion calls for. Typically I am quite casual with elevated details - a sweater with jeans/a midi skirt, and heeled boots, or a pretty feminine dress. Underneath, I like lace lingerie or unique pieces from independent designers - think Studio Pia, Coco de Mer, Bluebella - most of which can be seen in my photos. I have a collection of stockings but don't always wear them, so if you would like me to, please let me know ahead of time.
I don't wear strong perfume, lipstick, glitter/shimmer, or heavy foundation so you needn't worry about being smeared with evidence from me and my femininity. We'll do just fine without all of that.

Other outfit requests will be decided on a case by case basis. I don't want to look or feel unlike my usual self when travelling around the city or in your company - after 10 years living in London, there's always the possibility of running into an acquaintance and discretion is important to me. Behind closed doors, if it's not something I already own, I expect to be reimbursed for any necessary purchases. 

Can you send me a face picture before we meet?

It is quite amazing how often we are asked this. If we have chosen not to show our face, we will not want to send an image to a stranger that we're yet to meet. Our safety and privacy is of utmost importance for myriad reasons. If you want to see my face, the only way is to make a booking. Please read through some of my testimonials to put your mind at ease in the mean time.

Why did you decide to become an escort?

I've answered this commonly asked question in a blog post, which goes into the details of how I started in this line of work.

Do your friends and family know what you do?

Most of them do yes, and they're all completely supportive of my choices as long as I am safe and happy. Most of them barely even reacted when I built up the courage to tell them about it, which was a big relief if not a little underwhelming. I'm incredibly lucky to have such caring and open-minded people around me, as I know it's not so easy for many other companions.

Do you see clients who are (insert age) years old?

There are very few things that I am OK with discriminating against, and I have met men in their twenties who were more emotionally mature than men in their fifties. Likewise I've met men in their fourties or sixties who were more appealing and pleasant company than some men in their thirties. Age is just a number. However, for the sake of you being mature and responsible enough to make this decision, as well as us having some common ground when we spend time together, I won't see anyone under the age of 21.

Do you pay taxes?

I'm just wedgeing this in here because I needed an opportunity to dispel a common myth - yes, I (and every other escort that I know) pay taxes. We are all registered as self employed, record our earnings and expenses, and pay tax bills, just like any other independent/freelance worker. We would not be able to accept payments for deposits and/or dates to a business bank account if this was not the case. Please do not walk away from a gripe with a SW thinking you have power over her with a tax evasion report. You're wasting your own time, buddy.

I'm happy to answer any other questions you may have when you place your booking enquiry with me.